Ten days in Namelok, a great experience!

It's a ten-day holiday (I don't use an "s" on purpose), in a camp that offers time,

des ciels étoilés, des repas du soir autour du feu,

new sounds, plenty of comfort and delicious food.

Karine and Koitamet and all the staff give us smiles,

attention, safety and organize beautiful walking activities and rich in encounters.

On the way back, in my head and in my heart, many feelings,

of images and the richness of two outstanding discoveries:

The discovery of a way of life outside of our time, in such close connection with what nature offers.

The discovery of an almost limitless landscape, I often had the impression of being "in the middle of nowhere";

in this immensity, the vision of the distant red silhouette of a Maasai

makes you straighten your posture, and you find your feet anchored on this ground of the beginning of humanity

and the head so rightly placed, the quiet eyes scanning the horizon...


Namelok Camp is a marvel of authenticity, simplicity, heart, warmth, softness and serenity.

It is a perfect blend of respect for tradition intermingled with a delicate modesty of generosity.

This place vibrates with the sparkle in Karine Nanyorri's eyes.

Of the destiny of her love path, of the deep joy that comes from her heart to the heavens...

And through all this sweetness, spread an egregore of happy people...

Thank you Karine and Koitamet for your warm and genuine welcome.

Aurore Nashipaï

I stayed at Namelok Camp with my then 11 year old daughter in February 2020.

The last houses in the camp were just finished and we had a blast.

The place, the welcome, the colours, the landscapes, the songs, the dances, the laughter and the joy of this people

so open and caring.

We are going back to All Saints' Day 2021 with great joy to see them all again.


As a child, I dreamed of Africa, of "meeting for real" the giraffes, elephants and lions...

to see them running in the savannah and to discover other landscapes.

When I was older, I wanted to open up to other people, other cultures... to learn,

exchange, share and enrich myself through new encounters and different ways of life.

This autumn I made those dreams come true and went to Kenya...

not on a tourist tour, but on a different journey,

where authenticity exists, where you live with local people, the Maasai: Namelok Camp.

Even today, many images come back to me; reality has surpassed my dreams.

I was bluffed by this stay where everything starts from the heart:

- generosity, benevolence, the desire to help others

- the pleasure of discovering and sharing the country, its customs and rituals

- the kindness, the smiles, the joie de vivre of everyone, from morning to night.

Even with the language barrier (I don't speak English or Maa), the emotions, the feeling

and dialogue exist... and they are intense. It is a true love encounter.

So thank you Karine, Koitamet and all your team for allowing us to experience these wonderful moments,

Thank you for your fantastic welcome and your daily care.

Thank you for being who you are.


Simply the trip of a lifetime!

The perfect way to be in total immersion with the Maasai community and

to live alongside them in comfort.


I went to Namelok Camp for the first time in February 2020. It was a memorable, beautiful week!

Filled with smiles, unforgettable encounters, sublime colours and a warm welcome by Karine and Koitamet and the whole team.

Since then, I go back every year, it's my breath of fresh air that allows me to refocus.

I highly recommend this wonderful adventure.


La région maasaïe est magnifique.

Chaque jour avec son lot de découvertes : une marche en forêt en se demandant quels animaux on allait croiser, une visite d’école lors d’un rituel de remerciements, des chants, des danses tout en couleurs, une nuit dans le bush à faire griller de la viande et dormir sous un ciel grandiose rempli d’étoiles, un buffle est passé pas très loin, tu ne l’as même pas remarqué, mais les maasaïs oui.

Le safari pour voir les gnous passer la rivière en perdant un ou deux des leurs, nourriture pour les crocos, sans parler des girafes, des éléphants, des zèbres, des lions, des guépards, des léopards, des buffles et beaucoup d’autres animaux.

La vie sauvage au quotidien, authentique et pure, au milieu de gens sympas qui connaissent et savent se prémunir des dangers omniprésents, une expérience qui restera gravée.