Construction d’une nouvelle école

Construction d’une nouvelle école

The school under the tree or Enkomonisho Primary School

This school was created at the initiative of local parents. The government had been promising to build a school for years but had never done anything. The community therefore decided to act as best it could. And the fact that they were all really motivated and ready to help convinced us to contribute to this great project.

Children in this area have to walk more than 2 hours through the bush (with all its wildlife) and cross two rivers to get to school. This is far too difficult a journey for children under 8 years old. So they just weren't going to school.

Since the school was founded, 60 children have been educated under three different trees or shrubs.

The teachers are local young adults who get a university education and paid by the parents. They take over from each other every quarter so that they spend 3 months studying and 3 months teaching at the school under the tree ans so on.

The project is to build three classrooms, a room to store materials, a teacher's room and a dry toilet in stone.

The budget amounts to about CHF 45,000 and would allow for a functional and equipped school (desks, chairs, blackboards and desks for the teachers). It is always very difficult to make a precise budget in Kenya because the price of material can vary from simple to double depending on the period.