Our various small actions

Our various small actions

To strive for the little things is to achieve the big things, over time.

Samuel Beckett

  • Since April 2019, Karine and the people who visit us regularly bring notebooks, school material (pencils, pens, erasers, etc...), footballs or rugby balls and jerseys to the 5 different schools around Namelok Camp.
  • We plant artemisia and often distribute artemisia tea to the people around.
  • At Namelok Camp we regularly organise free distributions of clothes and shoes for the community.
  • Karine provides medical support, to the extend of her knowledge and skills, to the local community with pills and basic treatments such as disinfections and dressings.
  • In April and May 2020, we provided food to more than 40 families for 6 weeks. Covid had catastrophic consequences in Maasai country as food and cattle markets could not be held.
  • In February 2021, with a team of young people from Switzerland, we repainted several classrooms and the exterior of Oletuya Primary School.
  • A class in French-speaking Switzerland exchanges and corresponds with a class in Maasai country. Karine has been playing the role of postman since September 2021.
  • And many other 'little' things...