And all our dreams

And all our dreams

It is precisely the possibility of realising a dream that makes life interesting.

Paulo Coelho, L'Alchimiste

  • A well near Oletuya Primary School (budget CHF 6'000.-) would allow the school and the small dispensary nearby, which also serves as a maternity clinic, to benefit from clear and constant water.
  • An orphanage so that the children are not separated from their brothers and sisters and can grow up peacefully in a suitable and happy place.
  • A day care centre for children with different disabilities, such as autism, physical, motor, visual or hearing disabilities, etc.
  • Multiplying the "School for Adults" project.
  • Plant, plant, plant artemisia.
  • Provide clean water.

In order for all these projects to come to fruition, we need you and your financial support. So thank you in advance for your generosity and your sharing.